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U-Haul Truck Rentals

One Stop Mini Storage is here for Biddeford Maine's U-Haul needs! We offer various U-Haul trucks at the always low U-Haul rates! If you don't have a lot to move we have trailers to suite your needs. We also have different sized trucks, from a 10 foot truck and even bigger! Of course you get to chose the size of the truck, and if you're worried that the specific truck won't be in stock, you can call and make a reservation! We guarantee that with a reservation, you will get the exact truck you want. In addition to U-Haul trucks, we also offer dollies and U-Haul blankets to make sure nothing gets scratched. We follow U-Haul's exact process to ensure that you get the best U-Haul experience.

One Stop Movers

Sometimes you just need an extra hand. One Stop can provide that for you. We know that when it comes to moving, even when it's a couple of boxes, it can be stressful. Let us deal with the stress for you, we have professional movers to ensure that nothing will be damaged. Don't worry about the work load, our movers can assist you or completely take over with the heavy furniture and appliances. Our movers will work hard and efficiently to make moving day quick and easy. They'll even do it with a smile! They are able to come to you, making moving day even easier.

One Stop Storage

When your house becomes too cluttered, and you don't have anywhere to put your belongings look no further than One Stop Mini Storage. No matter how much you need to store, we have a storage unit for you. We store anything from appliances, furniture and even vehicles! We are Biddeford's top storage facility, accommodating for every customer, every time. You can feel safe leaving your possessions with us, we have top of the line security and insurance to make sure that your belongings will be safe, regardless of the problem. We protect your unit from rain damage, hurricanes, fire damage and many other unfortunate possible occurrences.

Storage Units - Sizes and Prices

All units are 8' tall unless stated otherwise. All units are prorated on move-in.

Unit Size Sq/Cu Ft Rate
5 x 525/200$45.00
6 x 530/240$48.00
6 x 636/288$55.00
7 x 642/336$60.00
5 x 945/360$75.00
6 x 848/384$72.00
5 x 1050/400$80.00
6 x 9.557/456$85.00
8 x 834/512$85.00
5 x 1365/520$88.00
5 x 1470/560$90.00
6 x 1272/576$90.00
8 x 972/576$90.00
9 x 1090/720$115.00
8 x 1296/768$125.00
7 x 1498/784$125.00
9 x 1199/792$128.00
10 x 10100/800$130.00
9 x 12 x 10108/1080$125.00
8 x 15120/960$150.00
10 x 13130/1040$160.00
10 x 14140/1120$170.00
13 x 12156/1248$180.00
8.5 x 19161.5/1615$160.00
11 x 15165/1320$225.00